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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.

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New Bethlehem Day Center - May Update

Jason Bendickson


A warm hello to donors, volunteers and other supporters,

Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference for homeless families with children.  We have now entered the third year since King County declared a state of emergency for the homeless.  The annual count by the County of those homeless in January again showed an increase over the prior year and a significant 22% of the total were families with children.  On a positive note, the head count of families with children decreased from the prior year.  We expect New Bethlehem, through your efforts, was part of the reason for this decrease by assisting our guests to locate housing.  Also, we are well positioned to continue to help with our 24/7 permanent shelter in the near future.

Day Center

May continued a trend some may not realize:  there is significant coming and going at NBDC.  That is, guests we know well, perhaps for several weeks, move on as they locate better circumstances with shelter and jobs--often with our staff's assistance.  New guests find us and start the process anew.  This is very different from many homeless day shelters who have a majority of their head count being the same people for months.  This success is a credit to the vision of NBDC organizers as well as the work of current staff, volunteers and donors.  From your volunteer committee as well as our guests--thank you, you are making a huge difference!

The Day Center is a busy place.  We are now averaging 200-250 loads of laundry and 300-400 showers per month.  Additionally we provide a full meal every evening and an informal meal/snack every afternoon, seven days a week.  Since the Day Center opened in November, 2016, 563 individuals (313 children) have been served and 76 families have secured more stable housing. This is really exciting and such an honor to help each person.

Mother's Day was very special at the Day Center.  Ten of our mothers were pampered with hair styling, nails, gift bags, yummy treats and family portraits.  The portraits were beautiful and many of our families were thrilled to have and send them to grandparents and friends.  It was a very successful day and everyone seemed to enjoy it--including our moms, their families, and the many volunteers that stepped up to make it happen.  Again, many thanks!

Program Manager Position Filled

CCS (Catholic Community Services) recently announced the hiring of Amber North as the new Program Manager for New Bethlehem Day Center.  Amber brings over 10 years of relevant education and experience to this position.  She has served in formational leadership roles, both in program design and development as well as management, for several different non-profit organizations in the Northwest, Midwest and East Coast of the US.  Amber has a graduate background in philosophy and theology, and prior to coming to New Bethlehem, she spent several years in interfaith ministry as a lay chaplain and spiritual director for persons walking through vulnerable transitions in South Boston.

As Case Manager of NBDC, she has enjoyed bringing this perspective to the creation of our space and helped families move from homelessness to more secure housing.  Amber believes deeply in the mission of New Bethlehem and is continually humbled by the community it has led to:  from the resilient and inspiring families that come through the doors every day, to the genuine and important service hearts of our volunteers, donors, and neighborhood.

CCS was very happy to secure Amber for this position and those of us who have worked with her share that same feeling.

Opening of Case Manager Position

With Amber North moving to Program Manager, the Case Manager position is now open at NBDC.  CCS is actively looking for appropriate applicants.  If you are interested in this position or know someone who could be, more information can be found at:

New Bethlehem Project:

The Eastside CARES campaign to build the permanent, year-round shelter is going well with $890,000 raised of the $1 million goal!  This campaign is truly a community wide project and we've had gifts big and small from young and old. Here's a note from our most recent 8 year old donor!

Do you know of a community group or individual who would like to learn more about NBP?  Please email or call Rebecca at or 734-709-7490.

Opportunities to Contribute

Many ways exist for you to make a valuable contribution:

Make a financial donation  Always needed!  See

Volunteer at the Day Center  Many 2-2.5 hour slots are available, from 1:30-8:30 PM, 7 days weekly.  You can help in the dining room, family room, drive the NBDC van, work on the cleaning crew, or share a craft with guests just to name a few.  If new, learn more at and attend our next orientation at the Day Center on Sunday, June 24 at 12:30 PM.  Please reply to this email to register for the orientation.

Provide a meal or snacks  Our guests so appreciate the quality of food that is served; a huge thank you to providers!  If you would like to learn more or sign up, see

Provide supplies  Laundry and cleaning supplies are needed weekly to maintain operations.  If you can help with this or would like to see our Amazon Wish List, go to

We cannot thank enough those who have assisted us, many regularly, in the foregoing ways in our 1 1/2 years of operations.  A HEART FELT THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU -- New Bethlehem would not exist without you.

Blessings,  NBDC Volunteer Committee

Salt House Proposed Budget FY19

Jason Bendickson

The video of our budget presentation at Salt House on May 20, 2018 is below. Presenters include Greg Fenich, Kim Saunders, and Pastor Sara Wolbrecht.

Here are the slides from the presentation from May 20, 2018

New Bethlehem Day Center - April Update

Jason Bendickson

Greetings New Bethlehem supporters. 
Your April Update follows.

Day Center

April was again a busy month.  Guest count averaged 22 with Sundays usually the most activity.  Because we serve families, it is normal to have children all ages daily; so there is always bustle with laughing, playing and spending time with friends.  In the midst of this, some are doing homework.  It is a wonderful sight to see!

We are sad to report Natalia Pierson's last day was April 30.  As Program Manager, she played a key part of daily operations.  Natalia accepted a position in foster care in Everett with Catholic Community Services.  She will be immensely missed, but we all wish her the best in her new endeavor.


Profile of a  volunteer group from St. Louise Parish (written by a member)

"Donating and serving a meal to feed the families at the Day Shelter can be easier than one might think, and brings its own rewards to the volunteers who prepare and provide the food.  After working on a retreat together, our team of women wanted to continue our friendship and fellowship through serving others in our community.  We decided to provide a meal to the Day Shelter one Friday a month.

We found a system that works for our busy lives.  We meet once a month and quickly plan the meal:  main dish, sides, fruit, beverage, and dessert--an organized pot luck.  Each woman signs up for what she can provide that month.  We rotate and share responsibilities when others are out of town or extra busy with work or family.  We meet at the shelter on 'our' Friday afternoon around 5 PM after preparing the food in our homes.  Serving the meal, eating and talking with guest families, and being together as a team brings us closer to each other and our community, and much joy."

Obviously this group is immensely appreciated.  Perhaps this gives you an idea to do something similar; see last section to find out more.


New Bethlehem Project

Funding Campaign

The Eastside CARES campaign to build a permanent shelter is going well and we have raised just over $750,000 of the $1 million goal.  Your generosity is making all the difference and we can't thank you enough for your ongoing support of the NBP and the campaign.  If you haven't had a chance to donate and would like to, here is a neat opportunity:

New Bethlehem Project is excited to participate in this year's GiveBIG one-day online giving event.  The Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaign is a one-day online giving event that NBP/Catholic Community Services will be participating in again this year.  This will be the 9th and final year.  The Seattle Foundation is hosting this event.  Please share with your friends and family about this exciting day of giving.

To donate to the campaign through GiveBIG go to:  To designate your donation to the permanent shelter campaign, note "Eastside CARES" in the comments box on the online form.

The Seattle Foundation is offering the opportunity for donors to "schedule" their GiveBIG gifts ahead of May 9th.  Starting April 26th donors can access the GiveBIG donation forms and schedule a gift to be processed on May 9th.  One last note about this event:  in past years the Seattle Foundation has offered a small matching program for donations made on the day of GiveBIG.  There is no match this year but it is still an excellent way to rally around philanthropic giving in the Puget Sound area!  However, if your employer offers matching gifts, your donation through GiveBIG CAN be matched through your employer.  Questions?  Contact Rebecca Nightingale at or 734-709-7490.

New Shelter

Take a look at the proposed floor plan for the first floor of the new shelter!  We can't wait to see it all come together!  Click on the attachment at the end of this Update.

Salt House Church

Salt House Church, which houses the Day Center, is hosting their semi-annual Neighborhood Forum on Monday, May 21 at 7 PM and they look forward to having you join in for an update to the neighbors about the Day Center, permanent shelter progress, and Eastside CARES campaign.  On a separate note, Salt House also signed the parcel sale transaction for the permanent shelter.  This is a major milestone!


Particularly with Natalia leaving (as well as Renard, a part time staff,) remaining staff will be stretched thin for a while.  Volunteer help, especially on nights and weekends, as well as providing meals will be especially important.  Can you help during this transition period?

Volunteer in daily operations  There are many options 7 days weekly to fit in your schedule.  Learn more at  If interested, attend the next orientation at the Day Center on Sunday, May 27 at 12:30.  Please reply to this email to register for orientation.

Provide meals, snacks or supplies  All three of these items are needed every week at the Day Center.  More information and sign ups are at

Drive the NBDC Van  Thank you to those who have volunteered to help out with this, but it does remain a need for the Day Center.  It involves driving once or twice a night to take guests from the Day Center to the Overnight Shelter in Bellevue.  It takes less than an hour round trip and it is greatly appreciated by guests.  Drivers need to become approved volunteers (orientation, background check, application) and submit copies of insurance, driver license and driver abstract.  Once qualified, drivers can sign up for as many or as few trips as desired.  If interested in learning more, simply reply to this mailing.

A huge thank you to all who assisted in so many ways in April.  If you are interested, but have not participated as yet, we are always excited to meet and help new supporters.  

Blessings,   NBDC Volunteer Committee

New Bethlehem Day Center - March Update

Jason Bendickson

Greetings New Bethlehem supporters,

Your March update follows:

Day Center

"It is everything I need in a clean place and it is inside from the wet and cold."  "I appreciate being able to use the laundry and showers in a safe place for my kids and the staff is always very helpful."  These are recent comments about NBDC from two young mothers--we are SO GRATEFUL we can meet their needs.  Thank you to each of you who help....

At the request of her Dad, we also hosted a surprise birthday party for a 12 year old girl--we love to celebrate special events with our guests!

The cookie sale of the NBDC girl scouts was an astounding success as over 1000 boxes were sold in one hour!  A huge thank you to all supporters who made the girls beyond happy.

NBDC is now open 7 days weekly with the addition of regular hours on Saturday.  This has been welcomed by our guests and creates more weekend volunteer opportunities.  

New Bethlehem Project

The campaign to build a permanent 24/7 shelter is well underway!  We are excited to announce that $562,000 has been raised toward our $1 million goal.  Hopefully you received an email in March with additional campaign updates and an opportunity to donate to this cause.  You, more than anyone, see the impact the Day Center is making on peoples' lives and how a permanent shelter with centralized resources will make it even easier for families to find their pathway out of homelessness.  Donations can be made online at or mail checks to:

Catholic Community Services
Attn: Eastside CARES
100 23rd Ave SE
Seattle, WA 98114

Thank you for your support!


Help at Day Center

Volunteer in daily operations (now including Saturday.)  See options at  Learn more at the next orientation held at NBDC:  Sunday, April 29 at 12:30.  Please reply to this email to register for the orientation.  Lastly, the sign up for regular volunteers for April-June is now available online.

Provide meals, snacks or supplies  These items are another lifeline of NBDC.  Currently there are numerous dinners needed for April.  Can you help?  See information and sign up at

Drive the NBDC van  Can you spare part of an evening or do you know a church, fraternal or social group that may want to help by driving the van from NBDC to the Overnight Shelter in Bellevue?  Drivers must be approved volunteers (background check, application and orientation) and submit copies of insurance, driver license and driver abstract.  Like to learn more?  Email Natalia Pierson at

Sponsor a child for summer camp

You can brighten the days of an NBDC child by providing sponsorship to a summer camp.  If interested contact Natalia Pierson at

Help at a Summer Camp

Earth Care Day Camp in Seattle serves children 6-10 who are experiencing homelessness or low income.  Provided by The Garden Mission Start, a newer faith community, this year it will be June 25-29.  If you would like information or to help (even for a day,) contact Kari Lipke at

A heartfelt THANK YOU to those who support us--everyone from those who donate monetarily to those providing meals, snacks and supplies to daily volunteers and the weekly cleaning crew--as well as the CCS staff!  Together we can meet needs and show concern for those who now need a bit of help.

Blessings,     NBDC Volunteer Committee

New Bethlehem Day Center - February Update

Jason Bendickson

Greetings to donors, volunteers, and other supporters,

Your February update follows:

Day Center

Guest count averaged 21 in February and everyone appreciated getting out of the cold.  To volunteers, donors and staff---THANK YOU!  

Three families moved to transitional or permanent housing and two additional families moved from Hopelink transitional housing into permanent housing.  Further, after tireless advocacy by Amber North, NBDC case manager, a single mother and her daughter were able to move out of their car into their own apartment.  Speaking about NBDC, our guest stated, "I didn't have any expectations when we first starting coming to NBDC, we simply came for showers and laundry.  I started speaking with Ms. Amber, and what began as a rough journey instantly became brighter following our conversation."  These are major life changes for our guests and we share their excitement!

NBDC's own girl scouts will be selling cookies on Thursday, March 15 from 4:30-5:15 in front of Salt House Church.  Stop by if you can; the cookies are wonderful!

Staff Profile

For those who do not know her, Natalia Pierson is one of two full time staff provided by Catholic Community Services (CCS) for NBDC.  As Program Manager, she is responsible for coordinating daily operations.  Natalia has a master's degree in social work from Texas State University and 11 years experience in the field prior to joining NBDC, which included over 8 years with CCS in Everett, working both in adult mental health and foster care licensing.  In response to what she likes best of NBDC, she said "firstly, it is an honor to be able to offer a welcoming space to people often forgotten and secondly, I love that we offer nourishment for all at an open table."  Natalia takes time to connect with guests daily and they greatly appreciate her skills, compassion and fun loving personality.  We are immensely blessed to have her!

New Bethlehem Project

The Eastside CARES campaign to build a permanent emergency shelter has officially launched! This project is truly a collaboration between the City of Kirkland, The Sophia Way, and the New Bethlehem Project. Have you seen the campaign's new brochure? Click here to see how much the shelter is going to cost, a rendering of the new building and how this new shelter will centralize resources for the families experiencing homelessness. 

Many of you may know that NBP is responsible for raising $1 Million from supporters in the community. We're excited to announce that  $372,000 has already been raised!  Donations can be made by visiting Questions about the campaign can be sent to Rebecca Nightingale at or by calling 734-709-7490

How you can help

Van Driver // There is a great need for those willing to drive the program van from NBDC to the Overnight Shelter (now in Bellevue.)  It will leave NBDC no more than twice nightly, at 7:15 and 8:15PM.  You don't have to do this every week nor do you have to do 2 shifts per night.  If you can help out with a shift periodically, give it a try one night.  You will be immensely appreciated by our guests.  Drivers must be an approved volunteer (completed background check, application and orientation.)  In addition, drivers must submit copies of insurance, driver license and driver abstract.  If you would like to learn more, email Natalia Pierson with NBDC at

On Site Volunteers //  All of us have needed help at one time or another.  If you would like to serve someone now in need, join us in daily operations.  See for options.  Find out more at our next orientation on Sunday, March 25 at 12:30PM at NBDC.  Please reply to this email to get signed up or find out more.

New Bethlehem Project Website

Meals or snacks // Providing meals or snacks is another way to bless our guests.  If you want to sign up or just learn more, click this link -- NBDC Meals and Snacks

Supplies // We use lots of non food supplies, especially for laundry and personal hygiene.  Needs change weekly; please click this link ( if you'd like to help.

THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL WHO HELP IN SO MANY WAYS!  For those who have not been able to join in, we encourage you to help us in meeting a significant community need--and enjoy doing so! Click here - NBDC Supplies

- NBDC Volunteer Committee

Seven Core Values & Practices at Salt House

Jason Bendickson

For the first several weeks of 2018, we at Salt House have spent time experiencing some of our core practices that have emerged in who we are and how we practice our faith and life together – things that have bubbled up in our 2 years and 10 months of existence:

  1. Being changed (living through transition) as central to who we are. 
  2. Engaging in the needs of homelessness on the Eastside (especially through the NBDC) – we had a volunteer orientation last month. 
  3. Eating together – always having Holy Communion and having meals here twice a month after worship and challenging each other to meet at tables with others throughout our week – because good and sacred things happen when we eat together.
  4. Generosity – giving where we want our hearts to go.
  5. Hearing God, and asking our two questions: What is God saying?  What am I going to do about it?
  6. Practicing radical welcome - we say it every Sunday morning, we print it in our bulletin, and it is even on our reader board this week.  And it boils down to this: Jesus welcomes and affirms all people – and so do we. And we are made better as a community through diversity.
  7. Stories matter. Both sides of story-telling: making room and curiosity to hear one another’s stories, and also having the courage to share our own story here in community.  For when stories are shared, that distance between us gets smaller, as our stories shimmer with connections.  When stories are shared, we also hear God’s story in our stories.