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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.


Long Term Shelter Presentation - Financial Impact

Jason Bendickson

The continuing discussion about possibly selling some of our land for long-term homelessness solution. Today's presentation shows some of the financial impact for Salt House. 

At Salt House, we are in the midst of a kairos moment, a moment of significance, as we prayerfully consider selling a portion of our three acres of land to be developed into a 24-hour shelter for families and for women experiencing homelessness. We need your input. Together, we ask the questions we always ask: What is God saying? What will we do about it? We've listed notes below that were on the screen during last Sunday's presentation. If you have any questions for feedback, please e-mail us at

Here are the slides from the presentation - the last two show financial impact.

Notes from 11/20/2016 Discussion

Observations (detailed notes). Responses.

Vision/mission alignment

General feeling is that this proposal is aligned with our current mission, vision and values.

  • The discussion around the table seem to indicate that this move would align with our mission and vision and values
  • It feels aligned with our values
  • Largely supportive of the idea of selling a portion of our land
  • We believe this aligns with our values, but there are still serious concerns and things to think about in so little time.
  • We need this to align with vision at Salt House.

We need to continue to work on our long-term plan for Salt House, including relationship with Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. We will continue to develop our plan, which includes the evolution of our current physical and financial relationship with our parent congregation. Our goal (agreed with HSLC from the outset) is to move as quickly as possible toward full independence from HSLC.

  • What is our 5 year plan?
  • What is our future independence from Holy Spirit?

Are there alternatives we should consider for land use? Regardless of our decision, we have additional property available for other uses. We would like to continue to explore other uses that are aligned with our mission, vision and values. This at some point could include renovation/expansion of our current building if needed.

  • What else could we do with the land?
  • What else would we use the space for?
  • Do we have room to expand the church if we give up that property?
  • What we would use our land for otherwise didn't preclude the idea of selling it. Namely, Gardening space and updated, open play space, possibly with play structures. I mention that play structures make me a little wary because of insurance. Michelle, chimed in and said that modern play structures are very safe and aren't overly concerning to insurance providers.
  • Playground space (for both Salt House & Shelter)

 Current proposal questions & concerns

The timeline feels rushed/aggressive. The timeline is primarily driven by the urgent need being experienced by those dealing with homelessness (and the dramatic growth in that Eastside population). In addition, we are responding based on current financial commitments by the City and State. We could wait but there is no assurance that the currently designated funds would remain available. If we say yes now, the City and Catholic Community Services would proceed with further design/development work and fund development/fundraising. Construction would be unlikely to begin until late 2017 or early 2018.

  • Timeline seems aggressive
  • What would the City say if we say we are interested, but need more time?
  • Hesitant on the timeline … feels rushed.
  • What happens if we ask to wait? Less of a budget maybe?
  • When will they build, if we say yes now?

We should pursue the alternative NW corner instead of the parsonage parcel. We are working with the City and the architect to pursue the alternative parcel.

  • The idea of moving the parcel to the northwest corner was appealing to everyone.
  • I think it should be on the NW corner
  • Keep the parsonage if possible.
  • What about parking? Can they fix our driveway mountain? Part of development process/funds.
  • Who pays the arborist to cut down the dangerous trees? Part of development process/funds. 

Continued New Bethlehem Project alignment is important. The NBP team will remain a key fundraising partner for this new shelter, as described by the NBP Vision articulated over two years ago. Current thinking is to have the permanent shelter provide both overnight and day center services, which would free up our basement space for alternative Salt House usage (after the 3 year lease is over and the permanent shelter constructed).

  • Will NBP play into the permanent shelter?
  • What will happen to New Bethlehem (3 year lease, a permanent place would fit in perfectly)

Additional details about how the shelter would function.  Single women and families (including any combination of child/ren and adult/s) would be served across a spectrum of needs for emergency shelter and additional services associated with homelessness and poverty. The facility would be open 24/7/365.

  • How would families come & go from the shelter?
  • Who/how would they be served?

What about our neighbors? Part of the further development work would include neighborhood outreach (local/in-person as well as online communities). We have not heard any specific concerns yet but expect there will be a process that will raise issues that will need to be addressed by the development team.

  • What about our other neighbors? Any concerns?
  • How will this impact current renters? Our hope is to continue in the rental relationships we currently have. We are communicating with the renters to make sure no one is surprised by this process or potential outcome.
  • How does the SDA feel about this option?
  • Regarding the parsonage in its current state, that wasn't concern about evicting current renters. I mentioned that I believe our renters are in a position where if they had to find some other place to live, that would be fine. However from my understanding Sol wants to stay there until her youngest is graduated from high school.
  • What does the family in the house feel about having a 24-hour shelter? If not, there would be people interested.
  • What about the parsonage? Does Sol need residence/is relocation an option?


  • How will we use the income? See details provided above
  • How can/will we use the income from the sale of the parcel?
  • How would we offset the money coming from the rental property?
  • What will we do financially, will it stay aligned?
  • Losing income if we kick out the family [in the parsonage]

We need to maximize the value we get from a sale. We are committed to getting fair value for the property; this is necessary given our early stage of community building and limited resources.

  • We need to negotiate the price to make it a ‘yes’ for us.