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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.




Jason Bendickson

Midpoint Milestone - Salt House v2 - Vision and Mission | Kim Saunders

Starting on Easter at our one-year anniversary we embarked on a 3-month journey (March 27 through June 26) to define Salt House v2. We are collaborating to develop a new vision statement which will address who we are and what we do. This journey will include developing and sharing of individual insights, work together in small groups and collaborating as a community through worship. This is a preliminary draft that captures insight and input from the past six weeks.

Salt House: community in a life of transition

We come with strengths: love, hope, creativity, grounded in this time & place. We come in the midst of change: transitions, imbalance, anonymity. We choose to be in community together, even when we fail each other: authentic, connected, healing, learning with persistence. We strive to invite and embrace the missing: the disconnected, learning to reach out. We choose to make a difference for those in need: serve generously, risk failing.


We come with strengths: love, hope, creativity, grounded in this time & place

(God; friendship; family; “My word was ‘surely’ and what I got from that was this feeling that no matter what I do or say God is always with me”; an experience of God; joy; smiling; fun; praise to the Lord; worship centric)

(vision for goodness; optimism; persistence; most things are positive; encouragement; hard work; to the very end of the age)

(creative; innovation; visual art; expression; creative response; make new from old; alive; vibrant; experiment with art; hosting creativity; physical connection to our thoughts and feelings; hands-on worship; the creative energy; “When you invest in something you bring all of who you are to that thing, and there’s a joining of effort and that creates something new that didn’t exist before simply because God put you in the place. Living in the image of the creator, we are called to be’s not that I have the plan, but it’s because I invest my time and energy it becomes a creative endeavor that gives God glory”)

Grounded in this time and place
(rooted; salt/water; tech savvy; elemental; earth; grounded to tradition; rustic; organic; plant-able)

We come in the midst of change: transitions, imbalance, anonymity

(moving; upset; buying and selling a house; seeking change; what is next; losses; marriage; facing change; unemployment; “I also keyed in on “go” and my thought pattern is about always moving and making that forward change as things in your circumstance change, that you’re always continuing to move forward and try to bring God’s Spirit into that moment”; uncomfortable with change; not settled; will power to do what needs to be done; fear & doubt; “this is a phrase: “They went where Jesus told them to go” and I think about how easily I get distracted and want to go off the way I want to go”)

(upset; aware that something is wrong; health; sleep; rest; social life; care of self; life/work; family; not just happy; insecure that I can’t perform at work; overwhelmed by expectations; family disappointments; for my parents to be nicer to me)

(global online community; sea of irrelevance; invisible)

We choose to be in community together, even when we fail each other: authentic, connected, healing, learning with persistence

(real; unique; recognize/allow emotions; we show up as fully ourselves; church w/o fluff; genuine; embrace the uncomfortable; open; stagnant; quirky; depth; challenging; not settled; “a couple of Sundays ago we had the exercise with the brick - I still think about that so ‘I am with you always’ is very reassuring;” holistic; embrace the uncomfortable; naming (gratitude, grief, etc.)) 

(making everyone feel important; welcoming; connecting; intentional in-person community; connected to each other; sense of community; tethered, rubber band effect - not tight; reach out to each other; want to quickly integrate new people; hospitality; Too small?; including children; need to participate; small groups - formal and informal (not just dinner after worship); family - both actual family and chosen ‘church’ family; “Always” - I feel like I’m the ‘adult’ in the house and that surprises me...and I think that so nice that there would be someone... always. Even in parenting)

(active; place of healing; yoga; cooking; hiking; writing; baptize; bring people into deeper relationship with Jesus; introspective; open up time to just be; food-focus; pause; feeding the whole person)

Learning with persistence
(listening; place where spiritual disciplines can be explored; smaller groups; challenging; may take too much time; series, episodic; sharing; telling our stories; reaching; stimulating; empowered to respond; leaning in; playful; insight; guided; respond; naming living; experiment; sometimes clique-y but figuring out how not to be; teach; weak consciences maybe hard to challenge; hard to sit (dinner tables); what we DO do and what we CAN do… what do we PRACTICE?; visiting other churches; seasoning (like a cast iron pan) - it takes time; scripture - theological grounding; in Word; “all authority” got me thinking about what authority actually means. It means Jesus is an expert on everything not just what he talks about)

We strive to invite and embrace the missing: the disconnected, learning to reach out

The disconnected
(reaching millennials of all ages; millennials; recovering Christians; the stranger; the missing; new to the area; singles; finding family of choice; homebound; neighbors; diverse; the excluded; any residents welcomed; intentional engagement in community around us; “all nations” - the message is for everyone, for the entire world, for every nation, for every people; inclusive; those who doubt - “Jesus didn’t actually address the doubters any differently...he came to them all and said the same thing. Some doubted and it didn’t matter”; those who are afraid; no place for fear)

Learning to reach out
(not doing a good job of reaching out to new people; talk to your neighbor; open welcome; may turn people away; establish connections to churches, businesses, schools; first fifteen minutes to connect; team of folks to welcome new people well; explicit acknowledgement of welcome; bringing Salt House to people - we share it; embrace the guiding and prophetic voice of God; I heard the phrase “go and make”...we need to go out and start the business of making the world saltier.)

We choose to make a difference for those in need: serve generously, risk failing

Serve generously
(our identity includes service; learning to meet the needs of our community; social justice leader; starting to go outward (NBP); reaching schools; joy jar; generous – value; use space for consistent non-worship use (community meeting place, yoga); learning to meet the needs of our community)

Risk failing
(my word was “mountain” and I’m compelled by the idea that we’re called up to follow something big; try new things; I had keyed in on the “I am with you until the end of the age” but this time the “go” got me, too.  And to me it’s like “You can’t fail. You just need to go do it and I’m there for you and don’t worry”)

The Great Commission: 
16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

*Sources: survey question responses 4/3 (Tell me about the moment at Salt House that you were most yourself (most able to lean into who God calls you to be)); worship responses: brick exercise 4/10, scaffolding team offsite 4/23; worship responses: Lectio Divina 5/1

eport to HSLC Church Council
Pastor Sara Wolbrecht
May 10, 2016

(Every month Pastor Sara submits a report to the HSLC council...the following is the most recent report.)

Beginning June 5th, Salt House will move to a morning service for the summer.  This decision is made for two reasons.  The first is pragmatic: at 5:30pm it is unbearably hot in our sanctuary on warm days.  The second is an experiment: we believe attendance and income will increase.  Please consider joining us for worship!

Our Scaffolding Leadership team and a few others gathered for an offsite retreat at my home on Saturday, April 23rd.  Fourteen of us enjoyed brunch and worked through responses around what has been most impactful, and what possibilities we will try as we move into our second year of ministry.

We continue the conversation with the City of Kirkland to explore whether Salt House would sell/lease some of our land to become a permanent 24-hour shelter for women (and likely families, too).  No update to report at this time as we move toward our feasibility study with ARCH.

Our season of discernment at Salt House continues in light of the possibility of the shelter.  This coming Sunday, Pentecost, we finish our post-Easter sermon series on The Seven REAL Last Words of Jesus (conversations Jesus had between his resurrection and Ascension).  These Sundays have opened up space to reflect on and name the challenges, gifts, freedom, and invitation we have moving forward to define who we are as a community.

The New Bethlehem Project continues to move forward – please see the update from Tim Clemensen on the next page.

My family enjoyed a week of vacation in April in California with friends.  A wonderful time of play and renewal as our son, Levi, turned two.

I have enjoyed two continuing education opportunities in the last two weeks.  I attended the Rostered Leaders Gathering (Bishop’s Convocation) at Seabeck Conference Center on privilege and race.  A deeply meaningful time learning, worshiping, and having time away.  I also spent three days outside Portland for the Leadership in Ministry workshop.  This is a hands-on workshop that aids clergy in learning and working with family systems theory.  I will return for another round in September (many of those in attendance have come twice a year for many years).  This is the most beneficial way I have ever invested continuing education money!

New Bethlehem Project Update
From Tim Clemensen

Plans were given to the City of Kirkland. The city has the plans on the fast track and we may here back from them as early as Thursday.

Community meeting has been set for Thursday, June 2nd at 7 p.m. at Salt House. This mailing will go out to 380 residences and individuals within 1,000 feet of the church. I am collecting NBP brochures to include in the mailing, which we will start to assemble on Thursday.

After the meeting we will be sending out a press release announcing the signing of the lease. If we are set with the city, we will send a second release within two weeks of the first notice announcing the groundbreaking ceremony.

We are also looking to identify the right sheds to purchase and get assembled before the groundbreaking. We will have at least one week between getting the shed built and the groundbreaking so that we will have enough time to empty the basement.

We are estimating that we will begin construction before the end of June. We are still looking to open the shelter on or around September 1st.