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New Bethlehem Day Center - January Update


New Bethlehem Day Center - January Update

Jason Bendickson

January Update // Greetings to donors, volunteers and other supporters, here is your monthly update--lots happening!

New Bethlehem Day Center Update

Activities at the New Bethlehem Day Center (NBDC) continue to provide assistance for families experiencing homelessness.  The most common input we get from guests is a sincere "thank you."  They are very appreciative of NBDC; a big thank you to staff and volunteers who serve them!

December and January holidays were celebrated by guests, staff and volunteers as a family.  Because of the generosity of the community and local parishes, 22 families (90 people) received gifts at Christmas that provided a very special day.

We are thrilled to share that 656 different individuals were served by NBDC in 2017--a staggering number and we are so happy to have met that need.  Other 2017 numbers:  35 people obtained employment, 24 individuals or families went into transitional housing and 31 went into permanent housing. YES, THIS IS REALLY EXCITING!  It is a significant impact on those experiencing homelessness in our east side area.

Overnight Shelter Update:

The Overnight Shelter had an average of 26 people and 9 1/2 families nightly in 2017.  NBDC provided all of the funding for summer months (May 15-Oct15), when the Shelter would otherwise have been closed, and head count was steady at 27.  Thank you to the donors that have made this possible!

New Bethlehem Project Update:

When the New Bethlehem Project started in 2015, three goals were established.  The first two have been accomplished through the opening of the Day Center and expanding the Overnight Shelter.  Now it's time to start phase 3.  Exciting progress is being made toward our goal of building a permanent 24/7 emergency shelter.  The building will actually house two shelters:  one for families with children operated by Catholic Community Services and one for adult women operated by The Sophia Way.

We have good indication that A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) will be awarding us $1.2 million in grant funding and we are anxiously awaiting news from several other agencies.  Holy Family Kirkland Parish will be hosting a New Bethlehem Project weekend February 3-4 where Father Nagel will be updating the parish on the permanent shelter project and how you can help.  Our goal is $1 million in community support.  The Sophia Way has also committed to raising $1 million.  All NBP volunteers will receive more information regarding the campaign over he next several weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Nightingale at or 734-709-7490.

The latest rendering by architects of the new 24/7 emergency shelter is attached for your review.  It has a projected ground breaking of spring, 2019.


Some current opportunities at the Day Center follow.  There is also helpful information at

Engage children  NBDC guests who are parents have started a peer parenting support group that meets Tuesdays 4-6 PM.  If you could help engaging their children at this time, let us know.

Van driver  In February, we will start transporting families from NBDC to the Overnight Shelter, which is now at St. Peter United Methodist in Bellevue.  We are looking for volunteers willing to drive the program van.  The van will take no more than two trips nightly, leaving NBDC at 7:15 and 8:15 PM.  Drivers must be an approved volunteer (completed background check, application and orientation.)  In addition, drivers must submit copies of their insurance, driver license and driver abstract.  If you are interested or have questions, please email Natalia Pierson at  

Website assistance  We are looking for a volunteer to maintain the NBP website.  The website will need to present current changes and events related to phase 3 of the New Bethlehem project and the capital campaign.  If you have a talent for designing websites, we would love to have your help.  Interest or questions.....just reply to this email.

Volunteer at NBDC  Shifts of 2-3 hours are available 6 days weekly, both day and night.  We always look forward to new members joining the team.  If interested (no commitment,) attend the monthly orientation Sunday at 12:30 PM at NBDC, either January 28 or February 25.  Please reply to this email to register.

Meals or snacks  This is a great way to help the daily operations of NBDC that you can fit into your schedule.  Many have found it fun to form a team of family or friends to prepare meals.  In February, there are several meals and numerous snacks needed.  If questions or interest:

NBDC Meals and Snacks

Supplies  We have changing needs for other supplies at NBDC such as laundry detergent and shampoo.  These items are critical to operations and anyone who can help is greatly appreciated.  Information:

NBDC Supplies

Monetary donations  Those desiring to contribute money to NBDC (bless you!) can do so at

Aloha!  It has been my pleasure to have been involved with this project since it began.  My family is moving to Hawaii, so I will be turning the Volunteer Coordinator job over to Mary Ann Joy.  It has been a blessing to work with everyone involved and supporting this project.  I will carry with me all that I have learned and hope to find a new project as worthy as this one! 

Finally, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR your support and interest.  You are the lifeline for New Bethlehem.  Please pass this message on to those in your community who might want to learn more!

Laura Sabine
Volunteer Coordinator
New Bethlehem Day Center

"Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on FIRE. "
 St. Catherine of Siena