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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.

Pathway for Deeper Engagement at Salt House


Pathway for Deeper Engagement at Salt House

Jason Bendickson


Here it is!

But please know this: this really isn’t a linear progression, at all. Some people dive all the way in right away. Most of us are in more than one of these areas at one time – so it isn’t about finding a pinpoint that you are on and working your way to the next one, but it is more like looking at how you want to engage in relationship for this season, and understanding that these are options that you have to let that ideal become reality. 

Don’t want to read all this? Watch this video instead!

Staring around the 21 minute mark, Pastor Sara breaks down our Pathway to Deeper Engagement at Salt House.


Let’s be honest – this is a thing, and this is enough. There are all kinds of reasons for folks to be a part of Salt House and this is the level of engagement.  Whether recovering from hurt, feeling to overwhelmed by life, or just checking it out – show up, and you are a part of us.  We also, very intentionally included those who are tuning in digitally.  We have folks from across the country who tune in to our podcast and videos – and we are so grateful for your engagement, too. Thank you, my friends!  You are part of us.


This looks like intentional connection both in the rows in worship, and sticking around for our meal times.  Sitting down at a table with strangers is a thing – it takes a commitment to engage.  Even to engage in that question/discussion time at the beginning of worship each week, we can kind of nod our way through that (which is absolutely ok – we’ve all been there), or we can choose to engage a bit more, bring who we are – some reality and vulnerability into those few moments.  We’re acknowledging that this is another level of engagement.


Our Sunday morning experience is held together by volunteers who do so many big and little things that make life happen. It is the work of about 35 volunteers who make worship and a meal possible. And if you look around, there are about 100 people (75 or so adults) here most Sundays.

And that little “sometimes” in parentheses makes it clear – we’re not asking anyone to do something EVERY Sunday – once a month, or more or less – as often as folks would like. But this is the next level of engagement – and really accessible, in that it means maybe being here 15 minutes earlier, or staying 15 minutes later, or doing something while you’re here – it is what holds us together, and it is a wildly accessible way to start building connection with others and deepen engagement.  As a heads up: we need more volunteers in a variety of ways, so listen up in a moment to see if you’re ready to up your game.


Even deeper engagement happens when we commit to a short-term group. These are our version of small groups, we call them Affinity Groups, as they gather around an interest, book, or topic for a season. These groups are dedicated to connecting with God and each other. These are measurable short-term options, usually 4-8 weeks or so, though they can take other forms, too. We have an organic approach to forming these groups, letting interest arise from our community – do know that you are welcome to reach out with your ideas, to fill in something you think is missing or that you want to invite others into.  


Deepest engagement comes through what we call Thrive Teams (named form our language of Come, Thrive, Go). Our Thrive Teams really own and lead vital parts of our life together – they are a place for people to lead and serve and contribute that are shaping who we are and become as a community. Thrive Teams are formed around an OUT – an area of shared ministry and mission. Thrive Teams roll up their sleeves and get to work.  And these teams could easily just do the work, kick-butt, get ‘er done.  And we’d love that.  But we’ve made the intentional choice to curate these teams as places not only of OUT, but UP and IN, too. Thrive Teams practice UP, IN and OUT (all three in balance) together.  Because: we want our work together to be relationally driven. And that plays out on our Thrive Teams. Most meet monthly, with other special events, though there is variance. Are you looking for a place to grow with others, with God, and engage OUT?  Then maybe it’s time for a Thrive Team. We ask for a year commitment, knowing that if you have to duck out sooner, that is absolutely ok.  But we don’t expect more than a year, and even this fall, we’re asking for folks to re-up if they’d like to keep serving on existing teams.

This fall, we encourage you to consider how you’d like to engage more deeply within the community at Salt House!