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11920 Northeast 80th Street
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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.

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Land Use Vote Results

Jason Bendickson

Thank you all for voicing opinions, showing up, and voting in regards to the proposal to sell a portion of our land to become a 24-hour shelter for families and single women experiencing homelessness.  Two location possibilities were considered, the existing parsonage parcel, or the undeveloped northwest corner.  We voted during December, and the results are in! 

  • 27 Votes: Yes, I support the sale
  • 23 Votes: Yes, I support the sale, but only if we are able to sell the NW corner of the property (leaving the SW parsonage rental property intact)
  • 4 Votes: No, I do not support the sale 

We are moving forward with the sale!  Since the vote, we received a new draft ‘massing’ plan from the architect which verified the option of using the NW corner for the sale and development of the shelter. Great news! The City of Kirkland also verified that we can do a Lot Line Adjustment to create a new parcel on the NW corner without triggering the need for a short-plat process (much faster, less expensive). With the verification of the preferred NW option, and the voting results above (50 yes, 4 no), are moving toward the next steps of approval of our plan by our parent congregation, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church's, council and congregation. Key dates include the HSLC council meeting on January 10, and the HSLC congregational meeting on January 29 at noon. 

With excitement and hope we're responding to the urgent need for a 24/7/365 emergency shelter on the Eastside!  Thank you, Salt House family!

Important Update about Long Term Shelter Possibility

Jason Bendickson

Nov. 20, 2016 Kim Saunders presents the current status of the Long Term Shelter Proposal / Kairos for Salt House

At Salt House, we are in the midst of a kairos moment, a moment of significance, as we prayerfully consider selling a portion of our three acres of land to be developed into a 24-hour shelter for families and for women experiencing homelessness. We need your input. Together, we ask the questions we always ask: What is God saying? What will we do about it? We've listed notes below that were on the screen during last Sunday's presentation. If you have any questions for feedback, please e-mail us at

Salt House is a ministry with a Christ-centered, casual, interactive, radically inclusive and experimental approach to worship + life together. Salt House reaches out to the fringes of our neighborhood – targeting young adults and all who find themselves in the liminal spaces of life.  


  • Helping families experiencing homelessness
    • Estimated 10,000 people experiencing homelessness in King County, including several hundred children attending school in Lake Washington School District
    • 40 people living in cars in the LWUMC church parking lot
    • 50 beds in emergency overnight shelter which opened October 15
  • Current hours: 2-8pm Sunday through Thursday
  • Managed by Catholic Community Services
  • Opened Sunday, November 6 
  • Currently serving 6-8 families, ~25 people (88 is limit)
  • Becoming We with Day Center families

Urgent need for 24 / 7 / 365 emergency shelter / services hub on the Eastside

  • Current patchwork of emergency overnight & day centers across several locations run by CCS (families) and Sophia’s Way (women)

City of Kirkland strong response, coordinated with other Eastside jurisdictions

  • Capital funding committed & available now: $950,000 city (NEW); $350,000 state
  • Operational funding discussion: King County, state, private

  Salt House feasibility study with positive results

  • ~20,000 square feet required to meet most urgent needs (~100 beds)
  • 3 story building on small footprint (~parsonage parcel size)
  • No major blockers (geotechnical/soils, parking, trees, environmental)
  • Massing study/preliminary design completed by architect

Is Salt House willing to sell part of our property to the City to meet this need?

Is this use of our land aligned with our mission and vision?

Questions about financial feasibility will be discussed on Sunday, Dec. 4  over brunch (following worship) at Salt House.

New Bethlehem Day Center Opens Nov. 6

Jason Bendickson

Great news! The New Bethlehem Day Center for families experiencing homelessness on the East-side will be opening on November 6! A join mission of the folks at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland, Catholic Community Services, Salt House, and all the New Bethlehem Project participants. Thanks be to God! 


Hours of operation:  2:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Sunday –Thursday

More questions about volunteering? Our FAQ on Volunteering should help!


1:30-4 PM
4-6 PM
6-9 PM

1 Kitchen Lead

  • Supervise the kitchen and dining room.
  •  Assure that kitchen is kept running smoothly and that guests are getting what they need.
  •  Serve snacks and assure that volunteers who bring meals are directed. 
  •  Supervise the set-up and clean-up of food. 
  •  Communicate with staff when needed.

1 Laundry/Shower Lead

  • Supervise the schedule for laundry and showers.
  •  Assure that guests have the supplies needed. 
  •  Help keep the area tidy and supervise cleaning. 
  •  Assure that towels are being laundered in a timely manner.


A dinner meal will be needed every Sunday –Thursday. 
Meals are to arrive between 4-6 PM to be served at 6:30 PM.

Volunteers for the meals:

  • Provide dinner for all attending the Day Center. 
  •  May choose to stay, serve the meal and visit with guests.
  •  Our kitchen is designed for warming only, not preparing.

We would love for you to stay and serve the wonderful meal that you have prepared.  If you choose to do so, at least one person from your group needs to have gone through the orientation and completed the Volunteer Application.  If you are dropping off your meal, you do not need to have attended an Orientation or completed the Volunteer Application.

Excited to start making meals but can’t find a spot open on the schedule?  Consider making a meal for one of these organizations.


2 volunteers needed from 12:30 - 1:30 PM, Sunday - Thursday.

Cleaning needs include:

  • Vacuum the living and dining areas.
  • Run a couple of loads of laundry (towels and bathrobes).
  • Clean the showers and restock with toiletries. 
  • Help organize and clean supplies and storage areas.


Additional volunteer opportunities will be added in these areas after we learn more about our guests and their needs. 


  1.   Attend an orientation.  Volunteer orientations will be held routinely and we will post upcoming dates.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Application.
  3.      After an orientation has been attended and your forms have been completed, you will be directed to an online sign-up to choose your shifts.


  • Adult Orientation Nov 20th at 12:30 PM
  • Teen Orientation Dec 4th 12:30 PM

Orientation will be held at The New Bethlehem Day Center:11920 NE 80TH ST, SUITE 100, Kirkland WA

Please RSVP to to register for an orientation.


Dec 11th 11:30AM - 1:30PM

New Bethlehem Day Center Update 9/11/16

Jason Bendickson

by Kristin Trace  

1. Construction is underway and it is amazing! 40% complete. To see all the materials we have gathered and procured in our basement is inspiring! We are still on target for a mid-October opening.  See some photos posted on the Salt House Facebook page HERE.

2. There was a "Shower / House Warming" campaign at Holy Family Parish and the sheds there are overflowing with towels, dishes, appliances and other things which we will need to turn our house into a home. Abundance! It just shows that there's a lot of energy around this project and I feel a lot of gratitude for that.  

3. Catholic Community Services has posted the jobs for the staff members needed. Please, if you know of anyone who wants to work in our Day Center, have them apply! We need good staff to assist our guests.  

4. Pastor Sara has once again blown everyone away with her commitment and open heart. She (on behalf of Salt House) has answered the call to open the shelter on Sundays. This is a great time to serve our guests because often other services are closed on Sundays. In fact, there was an article recently which said that school age kids who could do laundry regularly had higher attendance.  So, YAY! The new hours are going to be 2:00 to 8:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. If more funding comes in, the hours and days may extend.  

5. Speaking of funding! $477K raised so far. We need to get to $550K. Efforts are well under way to achieve this. However, a volunteer position we are needing filled is a Fundraiser. This would be someone with experience in Non-Profit Fundraising. If you know of anyone, please contact us. We are seeking nominations and interviewing potential volunteers for this pivotal position.  

6. Sometime in September or early October, we will paint the whole basement. This date will be on very short notice, when the contractor says he is ready. As soon as he asks, we will put it out there for everyone and anyone who can show up to help is welcome.  

7. Lastly, Volunteer Orientations. If you would like to volunteer in the shelter, you must attend an orientation. So far the response has been overwhelming. This past week, there were four volunteer trainings offered and we had literally hundreds of people go through these orientations. If you're interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please visit the NBDC website at