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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.

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Update: Salt House Shelter / New Bethlehem Project

Jason Bendickson

The Radical Inclusion of all People. That is so powerful. Salt House has really made a commitment to acting out their vision.

I personally have been inspired to be in a community that isn’t just feeling, thinking and talking about a problem. Those things are all fine. But my inspiration comes from being with people who are actually doing! The Salt House community has found an incredible way to ACT, to take action in a meaningful and tangible way. Opening up 3,000 sq ft to create a space for families experiencing homelessness on the Eastside. That is radical inclusion in its most literal sense. It is inspiring.

So, for the update. Plans are mostly finalized. Heading to the permit department. I personally feel very optimistic about the permitting process because we are solving a huge political problem for the City of Kirkland and we have their support and gratitude.

The lease is ready to be signed on both sides once the permits are approved.

The construction funds have been raised, although we are still going for more ‘in kind’ donations. Things like appliances and construction materials. This would allow us more money for programs.

We will be open from 2pm to 8pm, Monday – Friday. We will have laundry, showers, internet, dinner and other kinds of services during those hours. We anticipate opening in late summer. The website is a work in progress (volunteer driven), so check in on it and there will be more and more information in the next few weeks.

What we need: your time and treasure.  We would love your time! Once we open, we need volunteers in 2 hour shifts every hour we have clients. That is 30 volunteer hours per week. This will be things anyone can do, just show up, no skills required. Please look for the signups and consider giving a few hours a month to help out.

Treasure. No kidding there is a financial need. While the funds have been fully raised for construction and our shelter to be staffed with 2 case workers, we still have more needs. Yes, the funds have been raised. The original goal of $380K has been met. But here is the problem. We are a day shelter. At 8pm, the clients are asked to leave. We are sending families whom we have met, shared space and food with, outside with nowhere to go. I, personally, am not looking forward to that experience. The solution is we need to keep the overnight shelter open year round. The overnight shelter is expected to close by May and not reopen until late October. So when we open our day shelter, there is still no place for families to go at night with their children. The additional funds raised now are going to solve this problem. Please think about giving.

This is a very real and amazing thing Salthouse is doing and you all are a part of it. Please be proud of your community and the living out of your commitment to radically include all people.