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11920 Northeast 80th Street
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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.

Synod Assembly



The Northwest Washington Synod Assembly is May 17-19 in Lynnwood, WA. During this assembly, one of the primary items of business will be to elect a new bishop for our region. To learn more about what this means, visit the Northwest Washington Synod website.


Salt House is committed to being an invested congregation in the regional movements of the ELCA. We are sending four representatives to attend the Synod Assembly who will be voting on our behalf. We will be voting for our Salt House representatives on Sunday, May 5.

Here are our four nominees:

  • Anson Horton, Hazel Colver, Dan Pinnt, and Briana Unti.

BISHOP Nominees

Salt House council president Kim Saunders invites us to consider the candidates for bishop with these words:


“I believe that our synod (along with the broader church and our American culture) is at an important inflection point that demands a new kind of leadership focused on inclusivity and healing across divisions. Salt House is a different kind of community in this regard; our seven core practices are grounded in our understanding that we are called individually and together by Jesus into a life of change and transition, deaths and resurrections, toward fully embodying our ‘diamond essence’ with all its unique facets. While each of the nominees brings unique gifts and experiences (and with no disrespect intended for our past bishops), I hope for us to consider calling a bishop that in some ways “breaks the mold” of what has been in the past, taking a big step toward a new way of being in community that is deeply aligned with what we at Salt House are trying to do. While labels of age, gender, race or ethnicity will never capture the full truth of a unique individual, I believe looking toward what have been marginalized parts of our community is a good place to start to find that kind of leader. I would encourage you to consider calling a leader (female and younger) that will help raise the voices of those who have been previously dispossessed by the church and who can help foster the generational change I believe we need.” - Kim Saunders

Here are the 9 candidates for bishop. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the the candidates and any thoughts you have.

Norma Malfatti  – FEMALE, 30’s (graduated college ~1999, ordained 2011) (Upstate New York Synod) – has done focused work with housing/homelessness

Julie Josund – FEMALE, 40’s/50’s (graduated college ~1990, ordained 1993)

Shelley Bryan Wee – FEMALE, 40’s/50’s (graduated college 1988, ordained 1993) – was part of Salt House new congregation celebration

Deanna Wildermuth – FEMALE, 50’s (graduated college 1981, ordained 1997)

Chris Ode  – MALE, 30’s (graduated college ~2001, ordained 2009) (Southwestern Washington Synod) – has preached at Salt House

Mark Griffith – MALE, 30’s (graduated college 2002, ordained 2007)

Terry Kyllo – MALE, 40’s/50’s (ordained 1991) – has preached at Salt House

David Parks – MALE, 60’s+ (graduated college 1979, ordained 1988)

James McEachran – MALE, 60’s+ (ordained 1975)


View a 5 minute video of each nominee here.


Saturday, May 4, 10am-12noon at First Lutheran Church in Bothell