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We are a Jesus-focused, inclusive community of faith that strives to live as Jesus lived in real, everyday ways. Come Thrive Go. Salt House is a Church on Seattle's Eastside located in Kirkland, Washington. 

Location: 11920 NE 80th Street, Kirkland, WA 98033.


Leadership Team Meeting 8-23-15

Jason Bendickson

Thanks to all for attending yesterday’s meeting. Below please find notes from the discussion. This will also be posted on the SH website.

Scaffolding team updates:

Events – Danielle, Erin

·         Should we consider a quarterly event at Hopelink – scheduling can be difficult since they don’t have many evening options

·         192 Brewery in Kenmore (September Thirdsty Thursday)

·         Cosmic Bowling (September 11)

·         Haunted Trails @ Bastyr (October)

·         Ugly sweater run (November proposal by Linnea) - November 28 at 11:00am, Marymoor Park

Food – Nancy (Sara representing)

·         Octoberfest (theme for October 4 meal)

Space - Riley

·         Request for Nursery – gate in front of the windows

·         Painting request for Bill – Pr. Sara to follow-up

·         Kim & Michelle to host a ‘plant moving’ party in late September to fill in patio spaces – invitation to come

Children –  Michelle

·         Need to hire new Nursery Team Leader, job description is posted but no applicants yet

·         Need to make a transition plan between end of August (current staff commitment) and newly hired team lead start date 

·         Volunteer list continuing to grow (a few more people Safe Haven trained), continue to want more folks to sign up

·         Safe Haven training – next opportunity September 15

Small groups – Sara et al

·         Looking to ramp up in September

·         Leaders who have expressed interest: Sean, Riley, Leslie, Tim (maybe)

·         Consider having child care provided – not great experiences in the past for this kind of setting

Administration -- Sean

·         Working with Colin (new custodian)

·         Lease/building use – working to develop new contract

·         Relationship-driven communications –how does the organization communicate with the people – relevant, engaging?

o   Not a lot ofback and forth – how communication works, want some feedback (add question to the survey next week)

o   Social media – best is social – ways to nurture social activity, genuine engagement – need to figure that out – connected to people?

Worship – Jason

·         Consider Salt House Saturday night, additional special music events/fund raisers (Ryan suggested worship team do a concert)

Missional Leaders gathering in Portland last week (Pr. Sara, Jason, Linnea, Kim attended)

·         2 day training with teams from across US/Canada, all working on new church plants (development or redevelopment in current congregation)

·         Worship opportunity with Salt & Light Church, also grown from current church congregation, very similar architecture/reuse in the “round”; important to explicitly welcome diversity

·         Highlights

o   Great diversity in room (race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, background, passion area)

o   Chance to meet/talk to/learn from others

o   Notice we are actually fairly far along in our ministry development by comparison

o   Fail often, fail fast (theme from many start-up companies, reflected in this context)

o   Recommitment to Salt House focus on millennials with increased intentionality toward RELATIONSHIPS


Brainstorm on Outreach and Relationship Building

·         Representing the brand - “wear the button”

·         Need to know people’s names – name tags?

·         Followup outside of Sundays – pie, bread, etc.

o   Ask for phone only?

o   Text in advance of Sunday service

o   Texting – group texting

o   Post cards?

o   Welcome packet with more complete information (esp for those coming from more traditional church background)

·         Welcome team is needed

o   Develop a list of people to pray about, follow-up with 

o   Dani volunteered to be on team to do so

o   Welcome minister with dedicated focus?

·         Football – there are 3 Sunday @ 5:30 Seahawks game times

o   Propose we try a Game Dinner/Worship on Sunday September 20

o   Alternative game table available (Michelle to host)

·         Lake Washington HS - need space during year for testing?


HSLC “Salt House Joy Campaign” (capital campaign) discussion with Dave Papenhausen (HSLC council chair) and Bill Garrity (finance)

·         Proposing a campaign to close “deficit budget” gap

·         A stewardship drive to secure 3-year pledge commitments for Salt House support from HSLC members

·         Need to focus on plan at Salt House to ensure our focus on closing the deficit as well 

·         One member pledged $25,000 already

·         Some possibility of “matching”

·         Tim Nausin = Salt House liaison to HSLC campaign team

·         Discussion/vote expected at HSLC September council meeting (Tues September 8)

Leadership Team Meeting 6-28-2015

Jason Bendickson


  • Next week Pr. Sara & Jason out; worship led by Sean & his team, Pr. Mike preaches
  • Jason to Let Linnea know what help is needed for set-up on Sunday
  • Second service – Pr. Sara and Jason to discuss what options might work for their family, since original plan was put in place prior to hiring them both.


  • July: Goonies @ Marymoor, Go-op with Hopelink (Kirkland)
  • Danielle to talk about July food drive during service next week
  • August: Go-op day camp, help out with set-up; Thrive beach day on Lake Stevens
  • Special Note: HSLC social justice team -- $450 donation to Salt House for food
    • $5000 for this FY; great if we could come to the meeting, present our ideas
    • Karen – will ask to find out what the criteria are for funds


  • Safe Haven training – doing one after a worship service, maybe one in evening
  • We have funding for another six months through March for one paid nursery staff


  • Monthly hikes, easy to plan, free (also no drinking) – led by various people - a cornucopia of options (noted), Danielle commented with an eye roll J
  • SeanB will be adding some printed material for availability at HSLC – also a bulletin board
  • Advertising in LWHS football program – possible they will not allow a church to advertise, coach will call back with information


  • A new volunteer came tonight
  • By Wednesday evening raise the flag if not enough volunteers so we can ask for additional help on meal nights


  • New SDA Lease – started the process to renegotiate/renew
  • Get some Fans from Michaels for the church pews (also Bubbles?)